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Private Investigators Are Important To Your Law Firm

Running a law firm can be difficult, but there are some things you can do to make it less challenging. Imagine having an array of incomplete cases in the office due to insufficient personnel on hand to address these issues. This and a number of other concerns is why you need to consider hiring a private investigator. A private investigator plays various roles that will be pivotal for the office. Below, we are highlighting the perks of hiring one for your law firm.

Gather Evidence

Attorneys have various roles in the company, making them busy enough to have insufficient time to follow the leads presented in the company. In this case, a private investigator will take over the role by handling all the evidence collection and follow-ups that will be efficient for the case in the law firm. Additionally, they will assist in identifying the correct leads that ensure that the matter is handled correctly; this eases the attorney’s time for conducting interviews and attending court cases. For this process’s success, the PI needs to have a mobile phone that will use the voice recorder, especially when interviewing the client. Nonetheless, they may also use a camera to watch or keep track of new case evidence.

Time Management

The law firm has myriad activities, and as an attorney, it is daunting to leave the workplace to search and gather evidence from the field; this is why the private investigator saves you time and resources for the company. Most of the jobs in the law firm take billable hours; with this, it is impossible to run non-billable hours to assist the client in finding further evidence. This is where a private investigator will help the company’s resource and time management. Additionally, if there are different investigations, they can handle the issues that will arise in the cases assigned.

Conduct Research

In most cases, the law firm has the evidence that the client has presented, which may be insufficient; therefore, the company will need extensive research. Hiring a private investigator makes the process effortless because their expertise allows them to follow the investigation closely, revealing new information that may be useful for the company. The private investigator also gives the case a unique insight from a third perspective, which assists the attorney when defending their client. The research will increase the firm’s competency in handling situations, giving the company an upper hand.

Provide Surveillance

Similar to research, private investigators can provide the company surveillance depending on the case. This allows the company to have a comprehensive platform for the cases, since surveillance is an integral tool that reassures the law firm that the issue has undergone extensive research. Consequently, it allows the firm to reassure the clients that the cases have substantial evidence towards the opposing party. The private investigation may use essential tools to ensure the surveillance is complete, such as binoculars and night vision devices.

Collaborate with Law Enforcement

In most cases, private investigators have a network in law enforcement departments, allowing them to collect factual information that may help the law firm win their case. The connection allows the company to gather additional information that may be missing or recreate the crime scene to have better intel into the situation at hand. Moreover, the report offers facts that will assist in verifying the information that is found. This eases the firm’s resources and financial liabilities, giving them an upside.


Identify Witnesses

Cases in law firms have various kinds of witnesses, and when the firm is preparing the defense, it is vital to understand the type of individual present as a witness. Private investigators research the witness and give their professional opinion about their credibility and how they can assist in winning the case. It is crucial to understand that the private investigator will conduct interviews and surveillance to help the case progress.

Identify Illegality

One of the main reasons you should hire a private investigator as soon as possible is the assistance in identifying fraud and any illegal activities in the case at hand. As a law firm, cases can be presented to the company with skewed or questionable credibility; therefore, it is the private investigator’s role to reassure the case’s credibility by collecting facts that ascertain the case’s legality.


Hiring a private investigator is an essential factor that any attorney should consider. Besides having a busy schedule, some cases may require a different perspective, increasing the credibility of winning it. Nonetheless, there are many pros to hiring a private investigator, as mentioned above, therefore, implementing the research will not only make the company grow, but also it will improve the defense team and the capability of winning cases in your law firm. Contact Tharros Security Solutions today.


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