As a Health & Safety Institute (HSI) training center, we play a crucial role in equipping individuals with life-saving skills. 

Comprehensive Training:

Our programs cover CPR, AED, First Aid, and even advanced courses like Basic Life Support (BLS).

Designed to meet regulatory requirements, our training ensures that participants receive full certification in CPR.

Flexible Options:

Choose from various training options:

On-site Training Solution: Let us handle the logistics for you. We come to you and train your team at your place of business.

Training With US: Receive training at our facility.

First Aid Kit Medium
Effective Learning:

Our video-driven, instructor-facilitated courses provide a consistent way to train employees.

Scenario-based programs engage students, catering to different learning styles.

Over 40 years of development and refinement have built confidence in millions of individuals to respond effectively when needed.

Training Products:

Visit our affiliate, Optics Planet for FIRST AID supplies, and other training accessories, shipped anywhere in the United States.

HSI is a nationally accredited training organization. Our emergency care training programs through HSI are accepted by thousands of employers, regulatory agencies, and professional associations.

Remember, adding CPR, AED, and First Aid training to your workplace safety plan isn’t just smart business—it’s often required. Let’s work together to make your workplace and community safer! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further assistance!

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