Commercial Services

Securing your business is our business.

Just like a data breach can cost you financially, theft, vandalism, and on-site security issues can result in injuries or the loss of life. Therefore, securing your property should be your top priority. Our team comprises homeland security, law enforcement and military veterans who possess decades of service to our community. 

Commercial Threat Assessment

Protect your property and staff.

Our services are available in all areas of business, including educational facilities, hospitals, and entertainment venues.  Threat assessments reveal to organizations that their facilities are vulnerable to criminal activities both inside and out, external threats and natural disasters. Our focus on assessing your property and the development of an emergency operations plan involves the following key areas:

        Deterrence, Protection, Response and Mitigation. 
Residential SERVICES

Keep your loved ones safe with us.

Level up your home’s security with Tharros Security Solutions. We provide thorough solutions to minimize the risk of home invasions, property damage, and other forms of crime that occur in residential areas. We have been securing homes for many years. Hence, you can rely on our residential security service to secure your home and family.

Residential Threat Assessment

Rest easy, and let us analyze your security.

The world has changed. However, crime continues to increase, which is why securing your home is more important than ever. Whether you rent an apartment or own a home, our residential security risk analysis can help you protect it against all threats.

The chances that a criminal will choose a given location to commit a crime are reduced when the perceived chances of being caught are high and the perceived potential rewards are low. We evaluate your existing security on the macro and micro levels. This includes checking the condition of your current security system, door locks, windows, and closets. We also analyze the area surrounding your home because your homes security can be directly affected by the community in which your home is located.

By ensuring you are doing everything right and offering advice where needed, we help you protect your home from harm.

Home Defense Planning

Protect your kingdom from intruders.

Your home is your castle. Protecting it from intruders, burglars, trespassers, and unwanted people is your top responsibility. However, creating an unbeatable home security plan requires professional assistance, which you can obtain with Tharros today.

We offer custom security consultation for homes based on your unique security needs. As experts in the field, we start by evaluating every inch of your home and the safety plan you have in place. If you do not have a safety plan, we will guide you through our on-site evaluation plan to come up with a plan you are comfortable with. If you are unsure whether our plan will work, we will explain everything beforehand to show exactly what you are getting.

Part of home defense planning is knowing how to respond to a threat. We prepare you to do so through teaching the fundamentals of home defense and taking our clients through scenario-based training. We will stimulate your mind and body through this experience.

Investigative Services

Let’s get to the bottom of the matter.

Do you require assistance with investigating sensitive matters? We can obtain the information you require, as we provide a wide range of private investigation services to businesses, law firms, insurance companies, and individuals. With years of investigative experience, you can trust our licensed private investigators to complete the job professionally and with excellence.

Civil Investigation

Remove obstacles from civil suits.

Hiring a private investigator with Tharros Security Solutions to support your civil suit is a smart decision, as we can remove many obstacles that may be in your way. For instance, we can uncover evidence, develop additional evidence, and present it expertly to the court. In addition, you can hire us to help with interviews, depositions, and evaluation of the authenticity of uncovered information.

As a dedicated civil investigation company, we know how to use resources and databases that are difficult to access. Hence, if you are involved in a civil action and feel the other party is uncooperative, get in touch to discuss your case with us today.

Criminal Defense Investigation

Save innocent people from being charged.

Police are excellent at following proof that leads to a suspect. However, key evidence may be missing or overlooked during the initial investigations.

This is where our criminal defense service comes in!

We excel at discovering evidence to establish enough doubt, showing there is no reason to believe that defendant is the culprit.

When you choose to work with us, we take time to thoroughly understand the charges and related laws. Then we review all the material you have collected and revisit the crime scene to see if anything was overlooked. Then we remove inconsistencies in the client’s defense, ensuring that an innocent person is not found guilty.

Witness Location & Statement

Locate witnesses quickly.

Legal cases have many important aspects, with witness location taking the top spot. It does not matter how good of an attorney you are; you’ll struggle to find witnesses who do not want to be located. However, these are the people whose statements can make a difference.

At Tharros Security Solutions, we provide witness location and statement services to connect you with key case witnesses. Our experts are not loaded with paperwork or red tape. Hence, they can go straight out to the field and locate the people you need as quickly as possible.

Moreover, our law enforcement experience, discreet approach, and interviewing skills mean you can easily get witness statements from people who have disappeared or don’t want to be contacted.

Skip the hassle. Choose us.

Workers' Compensation

Keep an eye on your injured workers.

Some employees may invent or exaggerate workplace injuries to take advantage of the company’s insurance policy. Make sure your worker is as injured as they claim with our worker compensation investigation service. We discreetly observe every move of the employee to confirm whether they can perform regular work duties. We do this through video surveillance outside their home, doctor’s clinic, and other places they usually visit. We also use non-video surveillance techniques to gather necessary evidence.

Our investigators are trained to remain hidden and discreet. Hence, there’s little to no chance that the worker will realize they are being monitored.

Personal Injury Investigation for defendants

Protecting people from fake injury claims.

If you are facing a personal injury lawsuit and feel like you are innocent, avoid going through the process on your own and obtain our assistance instead.

As a top personal injury investigation company in the Cincinnati Tri-State, we excel at thwarting fake injury claims. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, company owner, or property owner seeking protection from a fraudulent lawsuit. We will leave no stone unturned to discover the truth and use it to strengthen your defense. We do so by interviewing witnesses, obtaining CCTV footage, and collecting anything that could prove your innocence in court.

Call us for more information.

Missing Persons Investigation

Trace people that matter to you.

Locate a fugitive, loved one, or uncover the contact information of an old friend you have lost touch with. At Tharros Security Solutions, we offer missing person investigation services for individuals, businesses, attorneys, etc.

Our team consists of highly skilled detectives who utilize the most advanced tools, techniques, and reliable resources to conduct investigations. Ideally, we want you to provide us with as many details as possible, including the subject’s full name, last address, and DOB. However, if you have limited information, we will still deliver the best results as we have located people with minimum information in the past.