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Protect what matters.

Safeguard your business, loved ones, freedom and life with Tharros Security Solutions. We are a trusted security company offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific demands. Allow us to guide you in securing your world and gain an unmatched peace of mind.

Let us be your eyes and ears.

Nothing can substitute the sense of protection that comes with having our security experts by your side. We conduct thorough security assessments of residential & commercial property and secure them through appropriate planning. If you need assistance with protecting things or people that matter to you, obtain our security consultation services today.

Protect what matters

Stay on top of unpleasant situations.

Emergencies can happen at any time. A burglar can break into your home, conflict may arise with an uncooperative client, or protest may break out outside your business. Our well-trained experts can prepare you to address your security needs so you are prepared for unforeseen emergencies.

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Emergency Operations Plan

Mitigate risks to your residential or commercial property with our security planning service. Our experts start by identifying assets that require protection and develop effective plans to keep criminals at bay.

Security Assessment

Tharros Security Solutions can assist you in defining risk and vulnerability exposures, as well as preparing for emergencies involving all hazards in your workplace or school environment, by conducting risk assessments and emergency management planning.

Investigative Service

Tharros Security Solutions provides a wide range of private investigation services to businesses, law firms, insurance companies, and individuals. With years of investigative experience, you can trust our licensed private investigators to complete the job professionally and with excellence.

Our team is here to address your security concerns.

Get your consulting needs met anytime. We provide prompt, friendly, and efficient service.

Why choose us?

We specialize in securing commercial, corporate, and residential properties. Please look at our top features below:

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have homeland security, law enforcement, and military experience, allowing us to tackle various threats and high-risk situations expertly.

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Specialized Service

We offer customized services to meet our clients’ varying needs. Whether you prefer overt security or something discreet, we have the perfect solution.

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Licensed & Compliant

We are licensed and adhere to all the local, state, and federal regulations. Therefore, you can obtain our services without any compliance worries.

Modern Equipment

We utilize modern equipment and training tools to provide quality service.

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